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Dear Japanese friends!

My name is Dace and I am from Latvia which is a small country in Europe.

I know your country's situation and I am really sorry about that. I know that earthquake and cunami did so many damages to people and to nature, too, but you must be strong. If you can, help other people because for all of you it is hard to live. Be brave and everything will be ok! And you should know that I am with you, no matter what. Good luck! All of us will help you to live on.


your friend Dace


Dear Japanese friend,

I know what's going on in your country and I am really sorry that you have to live like this. I am from Latvia and I hope that this letter will make you smile a little.

Sometimes you can't make predictions what nature will do. Earthquake and cunami, in my opinion, are the biggest nature disasters in the world.  And radioactivity is a physical process, which all the world is afraid of. I advice to you to come here to me because living without home is so sad. I hope that everything will be OK.

Hope to see you smiling,


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Youth club in Gaujiena for Japan

Youth club "The Stairs" organized quiz-game "What do you know about Japan?", participated the teams from 6-12 Classes. "The Stairs" organized also "movie evening" - about Japan and with movie of Japan. Students watched video by Christina - she maked it video:


..for Japanese friends
..for Our Friends in Japan Slideshow: Ingrida’s trip from Gaujiena (near Voru, Estonia) to Gaujiena (near Valga) was created by TripAdvisor. See another Valga slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.
..Class 8 are thinking of you

All students make 1000 Paper Crane and we will send it to Japan Embassy in Latvia

Baiba for friends in Japan
...for you
From Latvia...My student Diana made video for you and wish you all the best!


Latvian students for friends in Japan

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