Information about the GOAL project was disseminated on many ways:

1) The School websites (links in a folder "Schools") 

2) Twinblog:  twinblog.etwinning.net/24877/

3) Google website of the GOAL project (in English): sites.google.com/site/goaletwinning/

4) Presenting the GOAL project during conferences, educational events and on newspapers (descriptions in windows below)

The GOAL! project is presented in the eTwinning gallery.

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GOAL! in eTwinning annual conference 2012, 29 March – 31 March Berlin


The project was presented during the eTwinning conference in Berlin.

link to Berlin



On 17th January 2012 was organised eTwinning conference in University of Science and Technology in Kraków. There were about 200 teachers from Małopolska voievodship, headmasters, representatives of the local authorities, Major of Kraków and educational institutions. GOAL project was presented as an example of good practice, innovative teaching and collaboration between Maths and English teachers.

Here is the link to the conference website: eTwinning Conference Krakow


GOAL! presented at the BETT show 2012, London

11-14 january




The Goal! project has been selected - with 99 other French projects - to be presented in the Forum of Innovative teachers and projects, in Lyon, the 20th and 21th May 2011. Two A0 posters of the project have been created, as well as 100 leaflets.





The leaflet :






Video : the project is presented at 1:49



This event is announced on the National eTwinning portal :




* 19th April 2011

Presentation of the project during "Learning trade show" in Vantaa, Finland. Oppimisen tuki - messut 19.4.2011.

Students and Goal coordinator had 30 minutes presentation about the project. Two girls presented to audience their work in a lesson "Height of a tree" and one girl - "Ramps". They also told what they had done and described their feeling about studying themes like these ones. Go to: website of the event


*12th May 2011

Tuija Lindström (Finnish GOAL coordinator) was presenting the eTwinning life of Havukoski School with representative of Finnish NSS. Audience consisted of 50 principals of our home town Vantaa. The goal was to encourage schools to participate international cooperation. The GOAL –project was a good example of well done projects: cooperation of planning, teachers and students doing together, using ITC and integrated topics.


* 17th May 2011

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE came to make an interview of cooperation with European countries in Havukoski School, Vantaa. Tuija Lindström told generally about integrated projects of school and cross section curriculum in secondary school. One boy and one girl were interviewed and filmed. They both told their attitudes and feelings to be in part of international school projects. They told their GOAL works and feelings of communication. As a background and illustration pictures of TV program we used our works of GOAL project. They use this material as an insert of weekly program in Teacher TV. It will be presented on TV next Sep 2011. Go to the website of event: http://opettajatv.yle.fi/hyppytunti


* 7th December 2011

Presenting GOAL project in new ICT sites of the National Board of Education. The official opening takes place in Helsinki on 7th Dec 2011. Teachers from Havukosken Schhol present the work process in GOAL educational project to other teachers.



A Galician newspaper has published an article about the Goal! project. The name of the newspaper is "Faro de Vigo", it is the second most important newspaper of Galicia and the eleventh of Spain. Here is the link to the article on line: http://www.farodevigo.es/portada-arousa/2011/05/13/pitagorines-gafas-culo-botella/544326.html




Information about GOAL project was shared in a local area via the Internet. There were two articles:

1) In the website of Gmina Nowy Targ (Nowy Targ Commune), where Gimnazjum w Krempachach belongs to. A complete text can be find here: Urząd Gminy Nowy Targ



2) A local web portal Podhale24 has published an article about the Goal! project. It is the most popular news and information portal in Podhale region. A complete text can be find here: GOAL in Podhale24.pl



 On 24th june 2011, the GOAL! project was presented in CDDP (Centre Départemental de Documentation Pédagogique) by 3 students and S Maillard to Mr Mercier, the main Inspector of the Academie. Were also present:   Mrs Oilleaux-Pellerin (headmaster),  Mr Mure, director of CRDP d’Aquitaine, Mrs Paccalin (DAREIC), Mrs Marchand (assistant mayor of Mérignac), Mr. Siot ( Conseil général de la Gironde) and Mrs Clement Bonhomme (director of CDDP)..