* Apple pie

Do you like apple pies ? Pupils in our schools like it a lot ! They invented to include a very 'tasteful' activity in Maths lessons. Students planned to bake an apple pie with a recipe, bigger or smaller than the cake described in the recipe, so the quantity of ingredients was multiplied by a factor. The award for  the calculations and the hard work in the school kitchen was eating the delicious cake.

Students found the most traditional recipe for apple pie in their country and translated it into English.

There was written The Cookbook with recipes for traditional apple pies from Croatia, Poland, France, Spain, Slovenia and Finland. Pupils used during the lesson recipes from partner countries.



Link to the French school website article : http://www.collegeleseyquems.fr/spip.php?article902


Google Docs presentation done together on-line by students from partner schools.

















Google Docs presentation done on-line by teachers from partner schools: