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In File archive of this page, you can see drafts of layout of our comic magazine Pek, the Traveller Flea #2.

If you want to make a suggestion, to show your happiness, express yourself, etc, use the Blog of this page, please.


Pek2 is uploaded!!

In "Pek2 final version" folder you will find two web pages who download our great comic book compressed in 7-zip format, and the application to uncompress it.

Enjoy it!!



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Varna and Ierapetra

Hi pekkies!

The comic book is taking shape! I'm designing the layout of our pages.

Today I've uploaded Varna and Ierapetra pages in English. You can check them.

Best regards,



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Hi Marcos!

Well done! It's great to see the final result, our comic taking shape!

I've got two remarks for the uploaded pages.

In Ierapetra's: The dot pointing out the town must be placed a bit more eastwards

In Varna's: I think that the balloon about the dolphinarium should say: "the only one" or "unique".

Everything else is perfect!

Posted on 28/03/11 10:44.

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That two changes are done!
Thank you!

Posted on 07/04/11 18:35 in reply to MARIA SOURGIADAKI.

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Varna BG:
Added Title

Posted on 11/04/11 18:51.

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Varna EL:
First frame text without accents

Posted on 20/04/11 23:20.

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Varna FR:
"Balkane" → "balkane"

Posted on 22/04/11 00:03.

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Varna IT
Changed: "Mi hanno detto..."

Posted on 27/04/11 23:09.

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I checked all pages of Ierapetra and the only comments I can make are:

In Ierapetra EL, in the 5th frame, the word ακολούθησε should better be replaced by the word κοίτα, as the first one is long and divided. The meaning of the phrase remains the same.

I was surprised to see that the word ΟΠΑ in Bulgarian is the same as in Greek!

Posted on 04/05/11 16:15 in reply to Marcos Vence Ruibal.

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Ierapetra FR
"Les aventures de Pek continue..." → "Les aventures de Pek continuent..."

Posted on 06/05/11 00:13.

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