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In File archive of this page, you can see drafts of layout of our comic magazine Pek, the Traveller Flea #2.

If you want to make a suggestion, to show your happiness, express yourself, etc, use the Blog of this page, please.


Pek2 is uploaded!!

In "Pek2 final version" folder you will find two web pages who download our great comic book compressed in 7-zip format, and the application to uncompress it.

Enjoy it!!



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Pécs page is ready to be checked too.



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Hola pekkies:

Creo que están quednado muy, pero que muy bien.

¡Enhorabuena a todos! Montserrat-Nájera-Spain

Posted on 17/04/11 10:28.

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Pécs RO

Word ECC deleted

Posted on 25/04/11 15:24.

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Pécs CZ

First balloon translated
Changed: "Széchenyi náměstí!" instead "Széchenyi square!"

Posted on 25/04/11 15:47.

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Pécs TR

First balloon translated

Posted on 25/04/11 16:12.

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Pecs FR:

Changed: " Hou La !"
Fitting: Oui! maintenant allons dans le square de Széchenyi!
Added an apostrophe : "C'est si romantique"
Changed: Square → Place

Posted on 25/04/11 23:56.

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Pecs IT
Changed "Hungary" in Italian

Posted on 27/04/11 20:25.

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Pecs EL, HU
First frame translated

Posted on 03/05/11 23:50.

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Pecs PL
1) Pec i Panka w Peczu na Węgrzech.
2) Chodźmy na plac Széchenyi.

Posted on 06/05/11 00:15.

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