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How to measure the height of a post office, a tower, a tree, a church? There are few methods. Students did it using mathematics and simple tools such as a ruler, a measuring tape, a hand-made sextant, a string, some wooden sticks and... digital cameras. They used Geogebra aplets and graphics editors to calculate the needed values.



What is a sextant?

A sextant is a navigational instrument used to measure the angle of elevation of celestial bodies, usually the sun or moon, in order to determine one's location and direction. More generally, a sextant can be used to measure the angle between any two objects. The sextant was first developed around 1730 and soon after began to replace the astrolabe as the navigational instrument of choice. The sextant is still in use today, primarily in nautical contexts, as it is a good backup if more sophisticated systems, such as global positioning, fail.

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Photos about the handmade sextants construction (set "Handmade sextant"):


How to measure a height ? (Explanations given by Spanish students)

Google Docs presentation done on-line by teachers from partner schools.


Google Docs presentation done together on-line by students from partner schools.