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Dear Friends in Japan,

I'm a peer of you who is lucky enough, because she lives in Italy and precisely in Apulia that,  as you know , has an enviable location . My land is not devastated by tsunami and earthquakes as powerful as always, unfortunately, it happens in your country . You are often confronted with the force of nature that reminds us all out of our soul  is fleeting and provisional . Tsunami has created the disaster of losing homes, schools and entire villages and the nuclear disaster that is difficult to remedy . Many generations to come will suffer the damage of this . But you are  proud, brave and laborious people and  you answered with the personal sacrifice of life itself. I’m thinking to the technical people who sacrificed themselves to try to shut down the nuclear reactor plant . I admire you for the ability to address and resolve difficult situations that the history of your country called you to live.

I am close to you with all possible solidarity .

Ines :)


For Japan by the pupils of Liceo Ginnasio Statale "Q. Orazio Flacco" Bari, Italy


by 5th class pupils from Istituto Comprensivo "Dante Alighieri", Civita Castellana , Italy, for Japanese pupils




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