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It is an earthquake or tsunami or nuclear reactions,

but a natural disaster can also be not to aware and be ready for all disasters.






"Our Suggestions for Solving Environmental Problems"  by Iwakuni Sogo High School Students in Japan in 2010


by Morita Yuri  

Coral is home for a lot of creatures in the sea.  However, the number of coral has been decreasing.  It is said that global warming is the cause for the decrease.  When coral disappears, creatures in the sea will lose their homes and the ecosystem will collapse. ... In Yamaguchi, where I live, there is not only a problem with coral but also that of a nuclear power plant.  If it is built, the temperature of the surrounding sea will rise, and scientists and fishermen say that the ecosystem of the area will be destroyed.  So local people oppose this plan made by an electric power company.  I do not want the nuclear power plant to be built, either.   ( To support Morita Yuri's opinion, Ms. Akamatsu added quotation about the nuclear power station from an organization against the plan to build a nuclear power station in Kaminoseki:  " The tremendous problems of Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant are as follows:   1. Drastic change in the eco system of the sea due to the landfill construction.

2. Elevation of sea water temperature and hot water discharge contamination from the nuclear power plant.

3. Loss of designated endangered precious species, like the crested murrelet and the blackwood pigeon, caused by 1 and 2.  

Loss of designated endangered species, under the Washington convention, such as the “sunameri ( fineless porpoise ), the smallest whale in the world, caused by 1 and 2.

 4. Risk of devastating earthquake disasters, due to many active faults under the planned nuclear power plant site."  ) 


We can do something together. Let’s protect and improve the global environment. 



 by Ohmichi Yuko  

Do you know that cows contribute to global warming?  When cows eat grass, digest them, and belch it out, methane gas comes out.  But we shouldn’t force the responsibility of the global warming on cows because we are letting out much more greenhouse effect gas from industries.  First, we should stop letting out such gas.  We should take good care of environment.

For example, we should take actions more actively such as recycling and saving energy.  And we need to change our sense of value of life to “protect the environment.”  What we can do is small.  ......We are making efforts to improve the environment. We must consider the global environmental problems as our own problems and think of what we can do. You can contribute to making a better environment, can’t you? 

Let’s try!


by Okamura Naoya

I especially thought about global warming as an environmental problem.  The Antarctic ice is melting now because of carbon dioxide emissions.  It is a very serious problem now.  Many countries in the world are making various efforts to decrease carbon dioxide and prevent global warming, but the amount of carbon dioxide emission has not decreased much.  I think if we don’t do anything about this problem, we will suffer from terrible disasters.

I think that we should do something easy in our everyday lives because after all we are causing this problem in our everyday lives.  We should have consciousness as one of the persons who are causing the problem and do something to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide even if it is just a little.  If each person around the world makes an effort, it will make a big difference to prevent global warming. 

I think such consciousness is very important to solve this problem.


by Ohkawa Yousuke

    Global warming is happening.  It is one of the causes of hunger.  The amount of crops is decreasing because of it.  In order to solve the problem, we should tell a lot of people that carbon dioxide developed countries are emitting is causing hunger.  Now many companies are trying to reduce carbon dioxide.


by Yamamoto Akina

In late years, the global warming has become a problem.  Do you know that the ice of the South Pole and the North Pole is melting because of global warming?  We can stop it if we reduce our consumption of energy. ...  Lastly, instead of using cars, we can walk and stop making carbon dioxide.  This is how my family was able to reduce the amount of gasoline for our car.  Besides, my father was able to lose weight by walking.  That is why I think reducing the use of energy can help us save money and become healthier.  

And the most important thing is that we can reduce the causes of rising air temperature and sea water. 


by Yamada Miki

Have you thought about carbon dioxide?  Carbon dioxide is one of the causes of global warming.  Carbon dioxide is chiefly made from automobile exhaust gas in our everyday life. There are various ways to stop the carbon dioxide that goes out of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe.  One way is to “stop idling” by stopping the engines of cars when you don’t drive.  This will lead to the reduction of carbon dioxide. 


by Suzuyama Ayaka

    Let’s work hard to reduce carbon dioxide together because the increase of carbon dioxide influences environmental problems greatly and causes global warming.     Arctic ice will melt in global warming, and white bears may become extinct.  It is a crisis. ...


by Kifune Risa

 Global warming has become a serious problem all over the world now.  Therefore, we need to improve our actions every day.  There are some measures we can take easily.  One of them is to bear this in mind all the time at home, at school, and at offices: “Do not use needless electricity.”  It will lead to controlling carbon dioxide exhaust and preventing global warming.  Then the living conditions in areas where there is serious problems in the sea surface level is rising will be improved.  We will be able to make a symbiosis of people, animals and all other things in nature possible. ...


by Sueyoshi Rina

 Now environmental problems are very serious.  There are many causes for environmental problems.  One of them is air pollution.  Do you know what the causes are?   First, the exhaust gas from cars.  Second, dioxins which are emitted when we burn wastes.

   In order to reduce the air pollution these cause, first, we should use bicycles or public transportation when we go to a nearby place.  ....


by Fujibayashi Hiroko

 Have you thought about rubbish, which is an environmental problem?  

The “3Rs” are effective to cut down quantity of rubbish. The first “R” means to “reduce” waste.  You can do it in several ways.  For example, you can try not to buy useless things and you can take your shopping bag to shops.  Many stores stopped handing out plastic shopping bags in my prefecture.  As a result, 90% of the customers  refused plastic shopping bags.  This effectively decreased 2200 tons of rubbish and reduced 13,400 tons of CO2.  ....


 by Nakamura Toshiki

Now, the global environment has become worse.  One evidence is global warming. The more civilization develops, the more various problems occur in the earth.  Don’t each of us, need to treasure resources, and consider our environment for our children? 


by Nakasato Misaki

. . . As a result, we can use solar energy and other natural energy effectively. ...

Let's cooperate everyone.












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