From Colegiul National "Nichita Stanescu", Romania





Ienachita Vacarescu National College, Targoviste, Romania



Dear friends,

          From the 11th of March I have been watching the news and I am deeply shocked by the disaster that struck Japan.

          The earthquake was the biggest ever recorded in that area, and it had almost six hundred aftershocks. It hadn't made many victims, but it had triggered a big tsunami that when it hit the shores, it had brought "the hell on Earth".

          The tsunami had brought a lot of water, a wave that was ten feet tall, that almost erased some cities from the map such as Ofunato, Sendai or Miyako and killed many people. And beacuse it was not enough, the nuclear radiations from Fukusima's nuclear power plant are getting higher and higher, and the radiations threaten human health from the surroundings.

          I consider, that for a while, we must forget our little problems and help the japanese people, because they are going through a big tragedy and we must lend a hand to them because they need it very much. If we can't help them with material things, a little prayer for their good would be good enough.

With all my regrets,

Clinciu Irina from Targoviste

Posted by: Diaconu Diana Elena



From pupils from Școala cu clasele I-VIII VetişVetiş, Romania, for Japanese Pupils


for Japanese friends, from Școala cu clasele I-VIII VetişVetiş, Romania



Dear Friends, 

 There are no words that can describe the pain and suffering that you are going now. For us humans, such disasters can not have an explanation or justification. But I want to express on behalf of my family and my students and colleagues, infinite compassion and understanding for the entire Japanese nation. We pray for you and your loved ones that you have lost!


I am convinced that at this moment, you are the most civilized and evolved people on the planet. Your long history, your philosophy of life, leading technologies and the educational system, recommend you and are an example for all mankind. And now you are also heroes. For these reasons, I have firm faith that you will overcome this terrible moment, reborn from the ashes like the Phoenix bird.


We are along side you, and please tell us how we can help you!

Beatrice Tiron,  Botosani, Romania




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