Pi(e) Day

These are the activities that took place in all our schools

for our common celebration of the International PI Day.


Mnemonics for Pi!



Dutch mnemonics:

·         Eva, o lief o zoete hartedief Uw blauwe oogen zijn wreed bedrogen. (11 decimals)

·         Wie u kent, o getal belangrijk en gepast, vindt een rijker waarheen, ankervast (12 decimals)

·         Wie π voor 't eerst berekende, hij sterft nooit! (8 decimals)

·         Wie u eens π heeft verzonnen in aloude tijden was nooit begonnen inderdaad spoedig geëindigd als hij had ingezien welk gezeur de cijfers bien (23 decimals)

·         Mag 't kind 't paard roskammen en voeren? (7 decimals)

·         Zeg 't moet u zeker verheugen te kunnen geven dit getal (10 decimals)


English mnemonics

·         How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics! (14 decimals)

·         How I wish I could recollect pi easily today? (8 decimals)

·         Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling in mystic force and magic spelling. Celestial spirits elucidate all my own striving can't relate (20 decimals)

Greek mnemonics

·         ε Θες Μέγας γεωμετρε, τ κύκλου μκος να ρίσ διαμέτρ, παρήγαγεν ριθμν πέραντον, κα ν, φε, οδέποτε λον θνητο θ ερωσι (23 decimals)

Czech mnemonics

·         Sám u sebe v hlavě magického pí číslic deset mám. (9 decimals)

·         Lín a kapr u hráze prohlídli si rybáře, udici měl novou, jikrnáči neuplavou. (12 decimals)

·         Mám ó Bože ó velký pamatovat si takový cifer řád, velký slovutný Archimedes, pomáhej trápenému, dej mu moc, nazpaměť nechť odříká ty slavné sice, ale tak protivné nám, ach, číslice Ludolfovy! (30 decimals)


Spanish mnemonics

·         Soy y seré a todos definible (5 decimals)

·         Sol y luna y cielo proclaman al Divino Autor del Cosmo (10 decimals)

·         Soy y seré a todos definible mi nombre tengo que daros: cociente diametral siempre inmedible soy,de los redondos aros (18 decimals)

·         Soy , lema y razón ingeniosa, de hombre sabio, que serie preciosa valorando enunció magistral. Por su ley singular bien medido el grande orbe, por fin reducido fue al sistema ordinario usual (32 decimals)

Romanian mnemonics

·         Asa e bine a scrie renumitul si utilul numar (9 decimals)

·         Dar e bine a vedea lucrurile de foarte multe ori. (10 decimals)


Italian mnemonics

·         Ave o Roma o Madre gagliarda di latine virtu che tanto luminoso splendore prodiga spargesti con la tua saggezza. (19 decimals)

·         Che  n' ebbe d' utile Archimede da ustori vetri sua somma scoperta ? (11 decimals)



French mnemonics

·         Que j'aime à faire apprendre/connaitre un nombre utile aux sages. Immortel/Illustre Archimède, artiste, ingénieur! Qui de ton jugement peut priser la valeur? Pour moi, ton problème eut de pareils/féconds avantages. (30 decimals)

·         Que j'aime a faire apprendre un nombre utile aux sages.

Glorieux Archimède, artiste ingenieux!

Toi de qui Syracuse aime encore la gloire.

Soit ton nom conservé par de savants grimoires.

Jadis, mysterieux, un problème existait.

Tout l'admirable procédé (l'oeuvre etonnante!)

Que Pythagore decouvrit aux anciens Grecs:

Ô Quadrature! Vieux tourment du philosophe! Sibylline rondeur!

Trop longtemps vous avez defié Pythagore et ses imitateurs!

Comment integrer l'espace plan circulaire?

Thales tu tomberas! Platon tu desespères!

Apparait Archimède:

Archimède inscrira dedans un hexagone:

Appréciera son aire fonction du rayon;

Pas trop ne s'y tiendra!

Dedoublera chaque élément anterieur,

Toujours de l'orbe calculée approchera

Laquelle limite donne l'arc,

La longueur de cet inquiétant cercle,

Ennemi trop rebelle!

Professeur, enseignez son problème avec zèle ...

(in this one, 10 letter words count as a zero) (127 decimals)



Even a bit later than the calendar date, the Pi Day activity was a very successful and enjoyable one. The activities were imaginative and funny and the students are already looking forward to the next meeting. Here are a few of the participants' impressions:

We thought about having a Pi Lunch. Families collaborated with the cooking and we had on our table all kind of circular pies, omelettes, cakes with Pi decorations.

When it was our turn each student went in front of the camera and showed everybody what has been cooked at home. They talked about ingredients and some of them about the quantities. They also showed their partners the Pi they had made for the Art Exhibition.
It was interesting for students to realise they could understand other students speaking English, it's a kind of reward for them. They also said they had done better than the first time, so their critical spirit is also encouraged with this kind of activities. (The Spanish team)

The students liked the flashmeeting, the pie and seeing the other students from all over Europe.

We played a song by Drs. P, called the Greek Tango and showed an approximation for pi up to 72 decimals! We also had two riddles for the other teams, solved pretty quickly by Mihai from Bucharest and Rocco from Italy. (The Dutch team)

We couldn´t celebrate Pi day on 14th March, because we had spring holidays. But we celebrated this day many times: we made a „sun" T-shirt,  we  made pancakes,  we measured the cimcumference and the area of Czech coins and derived the radius and  diameter - pupils will learn about circle in the 8th class.

But the best part should be the flashmeeting with our partners. First we were very nervous, but then we looked forward to our friends. Unfortunately the link wasn´t ok, we saw activities of our partners, but we heared only some sound.

So we decided to record our song and our quiz.

It is a good experience for us. We hope, that next time we will speak with our partners. (The Czech team)

For our part, we had prepared a Geogebra animation of the way Archimedes obtained his correct 2-digits approximation for Pi. Then, Tania showed us a practical way to use Pi when baking a pie, we had a short riddle, a song and a video to share.

My students had two surprises: our headmaster did us the honour to assist most of our meeting, and there were actually two big  (round) apple pies waiting for them.

Their first comment at the end of the meeting was: this is not the last meeting in this project, is it And next: can we have another project next year (The Romanian team)

The photos we took during the meeting were used to create a very nice slideshow- thank you Valentina for making it!

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Pi Day Diploma

Students got their diplomas today. it was a great surprise for them because the award meant they had done well. And I agree with them. Motivation is not easy to achieve these days, so if our studetns feel motivated to go on working with Maths in English, is something to be happy about.

Thanks Irina for the detail.



This page is the place for our Pi Day activities. They have already started, with a nice art exhibtion and an interactive poster.

Don't miss the rest!



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