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Concours national eTwinning : les lauréats 2012

Concours national eTwinning : les lauréats 2012



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Teacher of the month in Slovakia (sept 2012) Mgr. Catherine Szökeová,




Slovenia Meeting - Romania
Pre learning questionnaire in CEIP Narciso Alonso Cortes (Spain)
Perbosc school presentation
Buonarroti school presentation
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Non-european teachers and eTwinning ambassadors are also members of this twinspace


Through transnational partnership our project aims to raise the profile of science learning and teaching across our school communities. By making science accessible and enjoyable, we aim to nurture in the children of today the scientists of tomorrow. Specific aims for the children will include:


  • Increase motivation
  • Improved learning and thinking skills
  • Skills for life and work


Our project seeks to emphasise the importance of science in our daily lives and provide our children with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to look to the sciences as a future route to the world of work.

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