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I am feeling insecure in this project and would Really appreciate some hands-on teaching to get started - I soooo would like to get started it's just that I need à push in the right direction.
Love Annie of Sweden

Posted on 06/12/13 11:06.

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Dear Marilina,

I have just tried to test Kahoot but couldn't get in to play it.I have created my account, then they gave me the Pin Game which I entered and wrote my name.A window opened and asked me : " Did you see your name at the front? You're in ! " - So yes, I could see my name there but nothing happened.Don't know which is the next step.

Maybe we should find a demo on youtube and post it here for us and our students to understand the steps.


Posted on 06/12/13 18:51.

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I referred your problem to a person who could help us.
I'm sure he will reply quickly and I will let you know!

Actually it is the first time I use this site as a shared resource. It seems to work fine with my students. Hope it works!

Posted on 06/12/13 21:02 in reply to Emilia Alexe.

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annie, how can I help you? Maybe we can have a hangout and I can share my desktop to show you!

Posted on 06/12/13 21:03 in reply to Annie Bergh.

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