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We are thinking of using the twinspace as the platform for a collaborative role game aimed to learning English as a foreign language. The game will be highly collaborative because most challenges will need the players to join in groups and work together and the whole game will be led by one of the classes.

The students will be asked to pretend to live in a far future where the police is made mostly by children. They will join this police corp and will be involved in different challenges, some to be carried out on r


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It wil be interesting that at some point in our project to form international teams of students involved in this project.

Posted on 30/10/13 16:40.

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Emilia the blog entry is not complete. Don't know why, can you check?

Posted on 31/10/13 10:34.

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I don't know .I have written just a comment to this blog message.

Posted on 31/10/13 15:49 in reply to Marilina Lonigro.

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