Get your ID card and share it!

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In order to get into the game you need to create your identity (avatar) for the game.

Use one of the following sites to create your avatar and decide your game name, nationality, interests, likes and dislikes.

Suggested sites:




NOTE: When you have created your avatar in ay of these sites, you don't need to get your account in order to use it. Do as follows:


  1. Complete your avatar
  2. Type together the keys ctrl+alt+print (this creates a copy image of your desktop)
  3. Open Paint or any other drawing program on your computer and chose PASTE
  4. Now you have the copy of the desktop including the picture of your avatar
  5. Select the picture of your avatar and copy it
  6. Open a new document and paste the image of your avatar in it
  7. If needed resize it or cut it to fit exactly
  8. Save the picture as a .jpg file after your avatar name and country initials, ex. giotto_it.jpg

NOW you can use it to prepare your ID card. Please also add it to the Image archive in the folder of your class with your avatar name



Romanian team-students presentation
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Please, write here about you, your true identity.You can do it using Power Point , Word Doc., a short video.

Posted on 30/10/13 16:49.

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Hello from Romania

I am Dragos and I am in the 7th grade.

Hope you like my avatar.



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